Twitter is a new service to me. Thus, I have followed many people. I did not know these things before a few weeks of interaction.

Your lifestyle is your choice and I do not judge you in manner. I hope you will not judge me for the lifestyle, I have selected (Married with Dog, Christian).

I would ask you to keep you body part to yourself. I assume you want to share them with your partner, I am not your partner, I am married.

Special Requests

I do not turn on my notification for people who want to tweet me.

I do not belong to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other social services. If you have read their terms of use, you will understand why. Anything you place on their site they own it.

Everything on my site is my own with the exceptions of items from two sources 1)News feeds and 2)Tweeterfeeds. I use a video camera to create the videos and animation software to help animate the characters I create.

Has noted before, I use several feeds, these are clearly marked as the works of either a news feed source or from

Sale contacts:

I do not buy things online because of security issues. If you contact me with the goal of a sale, you are wasting both your and my time. Sorry it is just how I roll my site my rules.

Why am I on twitter:

I have found that there are many types of writers, poets and artists willing to share there work with us. I gain both inspiration and insight from their works. Twitter also allow me to share thing I create with the rest of the world. It gives me great pleasure the have someone tweet saying they found a tweet humorous or a video pleasant. I am a simple soul and take pleasure in making others smile. I do not expect others to like me, just a firm and kindly mutual respect.

Please: Unfollow me if you find this all to much for you.

Best Regards,


Me, What kind I say.
Me, What can I say.

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