Jan 03, 2017 Hunting Rabbits:

The video is from a trip we took in 2014, There were rabbit tracks all over the trails. Ludwig was pulling me along hoping to catch one of the furry not so small for bunnies. This was created with a Hitachi video camera and using a version of editing ┬ávideo software I don’t use any […]

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Dec. 27 2016 Our Morning Trip

Santa brought me a new rig to hold my camera, I used it with my small Sony Action Video camera Dec. 25, 2016 and found it to be a good tools to support my Canon 550D. It will require me to develop new methods to hold the camera. I have shorten the video taken on Dec 25 to about four minutes. Today’s walk was a real experiment, the Canon 550 D camera’s setting were changed from Autofocus to a Manual focus. I wanted to understand how this would affect the videos. I also used the new “Excellent Handle” rig to help support the camera in video mode.
It is typically a one hour walk and video was captured for the full period. I have edited the video files down to about 14 minutes. A 14 minute video took quite a while to up load. I have decide to use Vimeo to host the video file as they support a fast video streaming service. Music has been added to the video for those of you who wish to watch the full Video. I have to admit the video is shaky and out of focus when I have turn the Autofocus off. This is a learning experience, and I hope you can laugh with me at my lack of skill.

Grin and bear it

Dec27-2016 from Frank M. on .

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