Amos & Andy

Freeman Gosden (‘Amos’) and Charles Correll (‘Andy’) in 1929.
Illustrator J. J. Gould’s 1930 drawing of Amos (r) and Andy for New Movie Magazine

Amos Jones and Andy Brown worked on a farm near Atlanta, Georgia, and, during the first week’s episodes, they made plans to find a better life in Chicago, despite warnings from a friend. With four ham-and-cheese sandwiches and $24, they bought train tickets and headed for Chicago, where they lived in a State Street rooming house and experienced some rough times before launching their own business, the Fresh Air Taxi Company.[8] (The first car they acquired had no roof; the pair turned it into a selling point.) By 1930, the noted toy maker Louis Marx and Company was offering a tin wind-up version of the auto, with Amos and Andy inside.[19] The toy company produced a special autographed version of the toy as gifts for American leaders, including Herbert Hoover.[20] There was also a book, All About Amos ‘n’ Andy and Their Creators, in 1929 by Correll and Gosden (reprinted in 2007 and 2008),[21][22] and a comic strip in the Chicago Daily News.[11]

Often while I walk with my trusty dog Ludvik, I will find my self on the streets with Amos and Andy hearing them romp though life. I often am touched by there writing and the lives portrayed by Amos & Andy and their supporting cast. I am often brought to tears as they gently touch on the issue of World War II and the young men and woman striving to create a peaceful world. A wonderful website host these radio Programs and can be found at:

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