The Four Day a Week Workout

I am not an expert, and this is not a workout advice blog. I am sharing my experience with a four day a week workout program in the hope that those reading the blog will realize it is important to have some type of physical activity daily.

On Monday the dog and I are up around six AM and sharing a sandwich. He likes the ham parts and I like the cheese.  Once breakfast is over we walk down to the local ski slopes and watch for deer or the local runners lop around the ski paths. This our morning walk. The pictures below are from a typical spring or summer walk.

After we return from out walk, it is time to feed the Dog his breakfast, and I am off to my workout. Mondays and Thursdays the the upper body and Tuesdays and Fridays is the lower half of the body workout.

After Lunch We take a longer walk and in the forest and return ready to cook dinner. Not very exciting but a nice way to enjoy the benefits of nature and fresh air.

Till We meet again Happy Trails….