Dec 6, 17 Hope and Real Change Blooms


Finally an End to the Democrats Sobbing

So the Democratic party opportunity to sob about the presidential election ended yesterday with Joe Biden accepted the Electoral College Presidential 2016 results. It is time to move on, and each of use takes stock in how we can MAGA and Make Us Great Again!

What will happen next in America?

We hope that people will be able to go back to live their lives without daily government intervention. Issues like Political Correctness, affect everyone and have a chilling effect on daily life, a lack of full-time work for people starting a work career has a terrible effect the young people of America.

In my opinion it is time for those living in the USA illegally to become citizens, or return to their home country. This does take time and effort, but if you have chosen to live in a new country, it is your responsibility to live there legally.

Everyday a new opportunity to learn something new or to enlarge yourself. I personally recommend developing or refining skills. You can build a picture of your life in a model form. This will allow you to look at your use if time and money in an objective way.

Want to make a change? Here is a starting point.

Begin by recording these elements of your life:

Weekly work time:

Walk My dog 1.5 hours each morning and afternoon:

Total work time 21 hours plus or a minus 1 hour

Weekly expenses

Food is our biggest expense, I budget about 120.00 per week.

We use the train for travel

Weekly Income.(______ per month / by 4)

Weekly leisure time how do you spend it.


After a few days you may see a pattern emerge, I spend three hours each day walking my dog. Good exerciser, but was not doing anything positive for my mind. Thus, I started video taping my walks and listening educational pod-casts. Anyway this is what I found help me evaluate how I should change my life.

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