In God We Trust:You Must Bring Facts

In God we trust; all others bring data.”

I have not had much faith in the Main-media for many years, however it seems in the last few years they have given up the the basic principles of normal journalism. It seems like fact checking is missing from the normal reporting process. Here is an recent example:

Russia has tried to interfere in elections for “years,” Democratic senator says


They could have saved themselves some embarrassment if they had only gone out and talked to the coal miners who had lost their jobs. I checked the trends from twitter and found that not so many real people liked Hillary Clinton. I all so, read books with both a positive and negative reviews of the Clinton history. The positive reviews were mostly praise of the Clinton sacrifice and suffering from the attacks from the Right side of the political system. The negative books took a different perspective. These books reviewed the Clinton history from a job effectiveness perspective. Politicians do not like to think about their jobs as an assignment from the American people. But, they are working on our behalf . Anyway, I can only hope the News Media will return to solid journalistic principles.


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