Saturday Dec. 17 New Possibilities

The hills are cover in Fog to day.

Today breakfast is hot peppers, eggs and toast to start our day. Hot coffee allows it to slosh  it around. Now for the walk around our local sports park to get fresh air and allow my dog to do his business.

Well the morning walk is over and I have scanned Today’s News. Now we are back at the ranch and waiting for lunch time. Today’s News makes me wonder if the US government is setting the course toward war with Russia. We have a little over thirty days before we have a New President and a new direction for the country. It would be a sad state  for the USA to be plunged in to a World War before Trump takes office.

However, we are only a few day from the vote for president in the electoral college. What will happen if the electoral college elects to rebel and elect Hillary.

It seems we have arrived at a critical point in time.

Americans Bought ‘17,850 Tons’ of Imported Ammo in Last 12 Months

New White House Conspiracy Theory Exposed

Obama Promises Retaliation Over Russian ‘Hacks’

Why Is Sweden Worried About a Russian Invasion?

Pope Francis & Queen of England say 2015 last Christmas

So, what are we missing?

Time to make some lunch…. 🙂





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