Dec. 27 2016 Our Morning Trip

Santa brought me a new rig to hold my camera, I used it with my small Sony Action Video camera Dec. 25, 2016 and found it to be a good tools to support my Canon 550D. It will require me to develop new methods to hold the camera. I have shorten the video taken on Dec 25 to about four minutes. Today’s walk was a real experiment, the Canon 550 D camera’s setting were changed from Autofocus to a Manual focus. I wanted to understand how this would affect the videos. I also used the new “Excellent Handle” rig to help support the camera in video mode.
It is typically a one hour walk and video was captured for the full period. I have edited the video files down to about 14 minutes. A 14 minute video took quite a while to up load. I have decide to use Vimeo to host the video file as they support a fast video streaming service. Music has been added to the video for those of you who wish to watch the full Video. I have to admit the video is shaky and out of focus when I have turn the Autofocus off. This is a learning experience, and I hope you can laugh with me at my lack of skill.

Grin and bear it

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