Drawing Course Week 1

I am old-fashioned and like to read and study information from a printed in a paper format. This online reading is good for things you are not required to remember. However, I need to be able to read, review and highlight a thing that is important. Thus, I downloaded the first-week assignment and additional booklets that are required reading.

My first assignment is shown below. I have taken a picture of and then drawn a free hand dawning of the photo. This is done to set a measurement of your skills. I have used the same technique in a project to show a client a picture of how a system worked before and after a project was completed.

Finished both assignments.

Read the Author Booklet.

My own desires is to create Figures using my computer system. I thus, if time permits draw the assignment using my comuter system and software.


me for drawing course.jpg
A drawing of me before course I have started the course.

I will not go on further and expand on the content of the course.  It is not my intent to expose or explain the content of this course.  It is only my intent to show my progress as I proceed through the course. The content of the course cannot be reproduced without permission.

I will only say there are several more exercises and assignment due before the end of the week. I am very pleased with the content and layout and Hope the exercises will improve my skills.

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