My Overview of Posting Media to Twitter

Posting to Twitter:

My hope is to document what I have learned over the last few week using twitter. So when next week arrives and I have forgotten it. I will be able to relearn all these important issue about posting pictures, Gifs and videos. This is what I have learned:

  • There are limits to a tweet the number of characters a tweet can contain.  The picture below notes the limitation. It seem that if you post a picture the number of characters must be less than the limit of 140.


  • Posting a picture or video from your phone
  • One of the things I really like is the ability to tweet picture or videos from your phone. The size limitation for a picture in Pic formation is 5 Meg. A video has a 30-second limitation when posted directly from your phone. These photos and MP4 videos will be hosted or stored by Twitter.
Posting from your PC directly to Twitter
  • The first time I attempted to tweet (post) an Mp4 video directly, I was surprised that mp4 format was not supported by my PC based twitter software. I thought, “what the heck?” However, I began to understand the twitter product better. I realize that it is design to support the posting of interesting action related activity.
Posting To Twitter from your blog
  • Most of the limitations that apply to pictures, GIFs, and videos directly posted to twitter seem to disappear when use is another server to host your media files. I am using a blog, but there as several other options such as Vine, DailyMotion or YouTube, just to name a few.


Gifs and Pictures will not support audio. Gif file support movment only, but they have a 3 Meg. limitation when tweeted directly. Thus I have decide to make two version of my work. A static pic with text, and a video in MP4 format. The video will be posted to the blog and then tweeted.

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