My Creative Process

Why I wanted document this process

After drawing a few picture and posting a few comments. I could see it might be possible of creating a series of humorous comments related to daily events.

My Process

  1. I start by reviewing the daily News for comment worthy items.
  2. If I find a few I will write a few lines describing the point I would like to make.
  3. Draw the figure and background need for the picture saving these in PNG format. This format allows you to merge the figures and background images.
  4. Based on a  templet, draw a picture of the item. This will the be saved in a JPG format. Also save the project by the  series name and number.
  5. This Project can then be use to create both Gif and MP4 format. Gifs under 3 Meg. can be tweeted directly, and MP4 version must be posted to a hosting service like a blog. Then tweeted from the blog.
Types of series

The wolf face picture is the start of a Halloween series. The series will be named Wolfman Frank.

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