Getting Ready for the Trip to the Woods with Puppy

It 6:00 AM.  Well , we (Puppy and ) are beginning to wake up ut it seem the finger are still asleep20150928_100924(0). I will be better after a cup of coffee.  Mamma (my dear wife)  is still fast asleep and wont be disturbed until 7:00 AM arrives. We will go in to town to buy dog food in the large 30 kilo sack.  It look like we will have a nice sunny day with just a bit of clouds. It is about 1 centigrade and I will have the layered look two shirts (one under one over) Two jackets one flees and a water proof shell.

Art later with a piano lesson and some animation of my new characters in the afternoon. This will completely fill the day so I am ready for bed, maybe I will just try that bed thing now.


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