Do I need Blog? Our Progress Oct 12, 2015 11:45

A blog is one option, a Website is an other and I am sure there are more options of which I am unaware. If you want to use twitter cards then you will need to have some place to put  the card required HTML code. If you do not know what HTML is you have a bit of a learning curve. I would recommed using the services of a Software Developer to implent your requirments.

However if you just want to learn the in and out of the process then there are several site that teach HTML. The w3schools is one of the best and it is free.

A tweet requires you to get to the point in 140 character, a blog allows you more space and some addional option. The following is a link to a web site that explains how to set up the Twitter Card using a blog.

After I created the Blog using WordPress’s free option I could sent a short part of my post including a picture to Twitter! It only took about a half hour to set up and post my first post.

Once you have a blog, you have a place to create post that can linked to twitter tweets and also create twitter cards. Hey. nSeriouslyext step for me is to read the posts in the link listed above. I hope it is clear that we do not need to create cards to link posts.

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